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About Bateman Grab Hire

Our Grab Hire service operates in Bristol, Bath and surrounding areas.
Grab Hire is perfect for the removal of Soil, Stone and variety of dug-out materials. The lorries give you flexibility when working on sites with limited access and resources. Most of our clients agree that the Grab hire is more practical than the alternative Skip solution because they haven't always got the space for a skip, they don't have the access for skips or it's for the removal of materials that need to be moved by hand and wheel-barrow.

Things to think about when booking a Grab Lorry

We ask that you check the area you are dumping the waste for quick and easy access.

Our experienced grab hire lorry drivers are trained to operate grab hire equipment safely and in a range of environments whether that means negotiating confined spaces, uneven surfaces or adjacent obstacles.

  • Side on Access

    The best position for the Grab Lorry to load is side on to the waste. If this is not the case we might not be able to collect the waste. Please call if you are unsure.

  • Collection over obstacles

    If there are any obstacles in the way, such as hedges, they will need to be under 1.5m in height, and the driver must be able to park directly next to the obstacle.

  • Hard Surface

    When fully loaded the Grab Lorry can weigh up to 32 Tonnes. Please check the surface the lorry will be parked on and make sure it's solid.

Bath and Bristol Grab Hire Team

What are the main benefits of Grab hire?

  • • Carries 2 skips of materials
  • • Quick Collection Turnaround
  • • Massive load capacity
  • • Same day removal of waste
  • • No need for barrows and skips
  • • Reducing our Global Footprint
Batemans Transfer Station

What happens to the waste?

Batemans Grab Hire is part of Batemans Skips in Keynsham, Somerset.

Our experienced drivers will ensure all waste is transported and disposed of in line with all relevant legislation. Most of this time this involves bringing it back to our transfer station in Keynsham, temporarily depositing the waste before it is sorted and sent way to be recycled.

Bateman Grab Hire Team

If you would like to discuss your requirements in more detail to see if our Grab Hire service would suit your application please contact us and we would be only too pleased to help.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is grab hire?

Grab Lorry Hire is used for domestic and commercial removal of waste. It is operated by one of our experienced drivers who comes to the site, loads the truck with the 8m Grab Arm and then takes it away to our transfer station in Keynsham, Bristol.

How big is a grab lorry?

Our Grab Lorries are 3 metres wide and 4m in height. In order to allow a grab lorry to successfully enter your site, ensure that all access points have sufficient clearance either side.

What material can A grab lorry carry?

We can take away anything apart from hazardous materials. We are not able to recycle all waste though. We can recycle: Soil, Muck, Aggregates, concrete and topsoil.

How long will the grab take to load?

How long the vehicle takes to load depends on how the waste is situated - if it is neatly set out in one place, it will take around 15-30 minutes to load the vehicle.

How much can a grab lorry carry?

Grab lorries weighs 16 tonnes when they’re empty, and the maximum authorised mass of these lorries is 32 tonnes, so they can carry 16 tonnes of waste.

How far can a grab reach?

Grab lorries can reach up to 8 metres. It does depend on the access on how much of this reach you are able to take advantage of.

Do You Need Any Special Permits?

No. Unlike booking a skip, you don't need any permits. We do ask that you notify any neighbours if we are going to be parked on the side of a public road whilst loading.

Can the grab lorry load over a fence or wall?

Yes! This is ultimately up to our drivers discretion, but they are usually more than capable of manoeuvring the lorry and arm around.

Where do I leave my waste for grab hire?

Where you put your waste massively impacts how efficient the removal of the waste is. Make sure the location is away from any low-hanging tree branches and cables otherwise we may not be able to make the collection.

How much notice do you need?

We are at your service 24 hours a day, seven days a week and you will be able to contact us around the clock. We strive to provide our service to you within 24 hours of your call and our reputation has been built on the speed and quality of our service.

How much notice do I need to give when booking a grab lorry?

We often hire out our Grab Lorry for same day and next day bookings, but to be sure you get it at the desired time and date please book in advance.